A Wrap of 2022 with Chai

A Wrap of 2022 with Chai

Breaking into Tech through communities

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I do be struggling between happiness and intelligence

If you are reading this, you might have seen me somewhere in your Twitter or Hashnode timeline this year and if you were someone who interacted, I am very grateful towards you.

What 2022 taught me: With Communities, it is possible.

Recipe for the perfect Chai life:

  • Be relentless

  • Write when you want

  • Make random tweets

  • Keep making conversations on discord servers

And if you can do this, basically you're better than me.

Making the First Move

Here's to the first of everything <3

Some of my finest decisions were made in 2022, I decided to join the discord servers which focused on open source, developing, creating content and helping each other. Being a part of these communities made me meet people who helped me get started on the path I always wanted to go on.

When I started out, I didn't know I would be a part of the open-source community on a large scale, but when I made the first Pull Request, there was no going back from there.

Along with that, I made an account on Hashnode to start the journey of writing blogs and documenting my journey. The documentation was also carried out through tweets and threads.

There was also that will to get started and let the world know what I can do but I never thought I would come in front and start sharing what I like to do. A huge part of every blog I write, every tweet I make and every message I send on discord run down to the motivation I get from community members I am surrounded by on Twitter as well as on Discord.

As Eddiehub's tagline says - "Collaboration First, Code Second", it's always the community at the top and everything else trails down. When you have a strong family backing you up, you are more likely to push through everything.

A Code and A Word

The year that went by was a good one for the blog. I wrote my first blog post about the college - crisis and open-source and made my first contribution to open-source projects. And that's how the name actually persists, A Code (contribution) and A Word (the blog).

The year helped me gain followers on Twitter, make a lot of friends and be part of communities like never before! I saw the projects evolving, people joining and leaving and of course, me becoming a staff member at 4C Community! The year also included hosting a lot of spaces on twitter and talking to a lot of people!

Things I learnt during '22:

  • For being successful, you don't need to know a lot from the start. You can move at a slow pace consistently and the results will be amazing.

  • Documenting your journey is the best thing that a person can do to create content. Write about your achievements, failures and things you learn! You will never run out of content ideas.

  • Followers on any platform do not matter, the thing that matters the most are the connections you make on the journey.

  • Remember to be yourself, even if it is not to a full extend. Just have fun and keep showing up every now and then.

  • Communities are the place where you will grow immensely. It is the best place to get feedback, network with people and has so much fun while growing.

  • The place to learn public speaking and make connections - Twitter Spaces.

Plans for 2023:

I didn't set goals for 2023, I want to move at a consistent pace and learn whatever I feel like at that moment. I wish to blog more and teach more people about the things I learn. Contributing to open source is definitely on the list and talking to a lot of places.

And that's it! It was a fun year and I am wishing the best for everyone for the year that comes by.

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Yes, by me! Krupali on this side. I am a computer science student who enjoys talking about Opensource and currently exploring the world of web development and web3. Blogs and articles are something I enjoy writing as well as reading, it really is so much fun! Reach out if you want help with blogs, articles or anything open source.

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