College Crises Let's Go || Oh, please. Maybe, No?!

College Crises Let's Go || Oh, please. Maybe, No?!

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You see, my title is definitely divided into two and you see it right there! This was definitely me before I joined my university and the other part is very much of me right now. If you have already enrolled, you know the saga I am going to run you through. If you are just entering university/college or are about to apply, I promise I am not going to make you run away.

Why do I say what I say? If you don't know me yet, which ofcourse you don't (How do you expect us to know you right from the first blog?), I am a person with infinite hobbies who is unable to maintain a schedule and thus I am on block one each time.

So, just when the third year of my under-graduate degree started, I decided that I would skip days at university and learn to code by myself - just because I am the kind of person who understands better when I find the resources myself and learn. Guess what happened though?

80% attendance has been made mandatory from the following year for all the students, otherwise, they will not be able to give Mid-Terms.

Well, there goes my dream of self-paced learning. The worst thing was - a few weeks ago I saw similar posts on LinkedIn and all over the social media where students were complaining about their universities and colleges not letting them attend as per their choice and I would laugh. Nobody is laughing now!

Here's what happens to students once you put them under this hurdle:

  1. The stress level increases almost by 20% due to compulsive attendance. // This is not really a recorded data, just something that I have observed over a course of time.

  2. Students don't even go to learn anymore, nor do they pay attention, they engage in other activites. // Would have been atleast a little productive if you had let them be home

  3. The burden of assignments/projects increase and focus is lost. // Really, kudos to everyone who is able to manage everything together - but it is not really for everyone.

Right before the rule was applied, I planned to do three things:

  • Get on a journey to code
  • Network with developers and content creators
  • Grow the freelance content writing biz I have been spending last two years on.


Another quite doofus thing that keeps going on in the university is, you cannot get accommodation for your attendance even if you are a full-time intern. So, what am I supposed to do? And how exactly am I supposed to get my internship credits?

I'd proudly like to say that, I was able to only complete the 3rd item on my to-do list. I was doing quite well but I definitely didn't know how to code after three years of Uni. I am like ten thousand percent sure that you are not even surprised to see this. At this point, I was frustrated that the bar of progress wasn't moving forward. The plate was full, my brain was empty and I had no power left to not do anything!


It took about six more months for me to sync with the process of the university. Moved a little ahead and decided that I might as well be able to concur the dream of multi-tasking and it did seem metaphorically and physically exhausting and it was, but my dreams seemed to have more power maybe.

This was the time I decided to switch my university (not really) - to move to the resources I had looked up for and all the notes that I had blindly downloaded from a lot of websites. Yet, after struggling for like two more months and completing HTML path on FreeCodeCamp for about six times (because I left at like 40/68 each time.)

-> finished HTML - like yesterday
-> started CSS on FreeCodeCamp
-> started learning C++
-> finished the tutorial for Git and GitHub
-> pulled my first git request - and GOT it merged into main.

(ps: sharing the ss of the pull because I am a little proud of myself)


Apart from this, I was able to move forward in my content writing biz as well. And, that is what I understood :) that I had to make the world my university to become something and I am unsure if I have become anything as of yet but I believe that I will become.

The point is, whether your university has compulsory attendance or not, it will fall upon you in the end on where you wish to start and how. And, really I do not believe about starting early or late - it is just about starting somewhere small, just taking that step ahead. Maybe, watching that one video, writing that one code that seems so difficult and BAM! next day you are on the roll!

I won't baffle you more now :). I wished to start blogging my journey of coding for quite sometime and I am starting here. Expect to see me fail and achieve milestones and write more each day.

A side note: A few weeks ago I emailed Kunal Kushwaha - founder of Community classroom just cause I had learnt a lot from him that I wanted to help with blogging and he redirected me to the hashnode challenge. Consider me selfish as I start doing it for the BlogwithCC purpose, but I am excited to write about my journey and for Community Classroom if I can.

Adios lovely people x See you all soon!

You read all this but - Who Am I?

I am Krupali Trivedi, a budding and bugged Computer Science student who loves to write and create content. You can see my LinkedIn where I have shared a lot about content writing before and you can find me on Twitter which is very new, where I am participating in 100DaysofCode Challenge and on GitHub where I will be posting updates for the challenge.

I would love to talk and interact anywhere! I am also on discord, if that's a comfortable place for you to talk to me - You can get in touch through twitter and I'll give you the username.

I love to put all the pain on me.

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